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This Is Why Your Business Is NOT Making Any Money

... and How to Start Making Some £££

You might be surprised, but I hear this every now and then.

"Ivet, I don’t make money from my business. Can you help me?"

"How much money do you make at the moment?"

"Erm, nothing, really.”

"Right. Who do you work with?”

"I work with xyz who struggle with abc.”

"It sounds cool! How much do you charge them?”

"Erm… I don’t know how much should I charge. I feel like I shouldn’t be charging anything because I am still new… etc, etc.”

GUYS! If you don’t ASK you WILL NOT make any money!!

It’s really simple, isn’t it?

It’s same as in the workplace. Do you get a pay rise just because your boss feels like she/he should pay you more? Not usually. You have to ASK for the pay rise. It’s exactly the same in the business world.

If this is your case and you struggle with charging for your services, it can be either because

  1. you are rubbish at what you do (let's not go with this one!)

  2. or you don’t see the value you provide to your clients (I bet this is the case, isn't it?)

It’s absolutely crucial for you to see the VALUE you provide.

I invite you to ask yourself:

  1. What problems do I help my clients to solve? (list at least 5 of them)

  2. How does my clients’ life/business/relationship (whatever the area you are working in) look like after working with me?

For example, I could say that I help my clients to solve their problems such as they are not having enough clients, they are not clear about their niche, packaging, pricing and help them to get comfortable with selling their stuff and making money.

I know that my clients feel confident in their business and they make more money after working with me because I help them solve their problems.


You have to see the value you provide otherwise it will be very difficult for you to make your business profitable.





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