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Is It Really Important to Have a Niche?

aka 3 Good Reasons Why You Should Pick Your Niche ASAP

I want to begin with a story.

I was looking for a coach a few months ago. I met a lady at a networking event in London and I really liked her. You know the feeling when you click with someone? She asked me brilliant questions, she seemed to be smart and funny, I thought - great! She would be brilliant as support on my entrepreneurial journey!

Then I ask her who she is working with, and she said, “I work with anyone who could benefit from coaching.” Hmm. “I see. Who do you work with at the moment?” “I have 3 different projects - I coach employees in tech startups, children in primary schools and new business owners. Oh yeah! And I am going to work with unemployed people through a charity project I am part of.”

Long story short, even though she was really sweet and I liked her, I didn’t end up asking her for a discovery session because I felt like she is all over the place and she can’t be focused on her business.

I am a business owner, I want a coach who knows her/his business. It makes sense, right?

I know it feels hard to find your target audience. You might feel like if you work with X people only, it means you won’t be working with Y people and you could actually help X and Y as well! Well, you are wrong.


1. You will be more FOCUSED and STRATEGIC in your business. It will be easier for you to create and follow your marketing and business strategy and reach your goals. For example, let’s imagine that this lady works with new business owners in the tech industry. She would be crystal clear on what her goals are, where she needs to go in order to speak with her target audience, and what she needs to do in order to reach them online. She wouldn’t care about reaching out to teachers on LinkedIn or going for training about wellbeing in the workplace

2. You will actually reach MORE PEOPLE because your marketing message, your content and the way you talk will resonate with your niche.

3. If you are good at what you are doing and you are consistent and focused you will BECOME KNOWN FOR SOMETHING in your industry (e.g. working with new tech CEOs on their leadership and communication skills) and that’s what you want. Can you imagine that people are reaching out to you because they know you are the expert? Sounds lovely doesn’t it? So take a paper and pen, go to your favourite coffee shop and brainstorm on your niche. ;-)



P.S. I will create a new video on how to find your niche next week so stay tuned! :-)

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