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    I am a qualified transformational life coach. I trained with Animas Centre for Coaching in London (Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, ICF accredited). I am qualified in Positive Psychology and Group Coaching in coaching (ICF accredited).


    I have lived in Czech Republic, the US, France, Spain, Germany and the UK so far. I am based in London at the moment.


    My professional background is in business development and marketing and I have a Masters Degree in Business and Economics.

    I love naps!


    Beach or mountains? Mountains.


    I love mornings and morning routines.


    My full name is Iveta Zaklasnikova. The word "Now" has a deep meaning for me - "being in a present moment", "action/no procrastination" and "life is unpredictable and can end at any time".


    I love smell of freshly cut grass and fresh coffee (not at the same time though!).


    Scariest moment in my life? Once, I ended up without work or place to stay 9,000km away from my home in the US. I was there on my own, I had $44 left in my pocket and my flight ticket back home was three months later. Sadly I couldn’t transfer the ticket for an early date.

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    My coaching is not for everyone.

    My coaching requires courage, energy, focus, time and 100% commitment.

    My coaching is powerful, intensive and fun!

    My clients and I work together for 3 or 6 months and their life absolutely transforms.


    When are you ready we can talk. :-)
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    Let's have a chat first so we can find out how I could help you and whether I am the right coach for you.


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    If we decide to work together, we will create a plan and clarity around what you want to get out of the coaching with me.

    My rates are here.

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  • "I've been coached by Ivet for over 3 months now. She has an incredible presence. I always feel like she completely gets me and can give me a great mirror so I can see how I am acting in a bigger perspective. She helped me to discover and overcome some of my blocks and limitations. She holds me to account so I can reach my goals. She never lets me out off the hock. Which is super helpful and practical. I like her approach because she has very human approach and presence. In the same time she has an incredible drive so just being with her motivates and inspires me."

    - Jana Jochmanova, entrepreneur based in Prague, Czech Republic


    "Coaching with Ivet allowed me to have a better understanding on how to organize myself, get things done and achieve my goals. She helped me gain more clarity and consciousness when I was going through hard times. I definitely recommend sessions with her! :)"

    - T.H., lawyer based in Paris, France


    "I booked 6 sessions with Ivet to help me choosing which business I wanted to develop: I was stuck hesitating in between 2 for months. After 6 sessions I had chosen which business to focus on, had the vision, mission, the entity of my business sorted and also my first prototype on the go! Ivet is friendly positive supportive knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend her and hopefully work with her again very soon."

    - Anne Dumas, entrepreneur based in London, UK

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